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How You Can Run Your Own Preschool Hoop Programme

If you are looking for fun new physical development preschool activities for your early learning service then hula hoops offer a wealth of options.  The activity sessions in the Hoop with Heart Kit also demonstrate how hula hoops can be used to stimulate cognitive, social and creative skills

There are a number of resources in the Hoop with Heart Kit including a teacher’s manual with accompanying teaching video and a complete programme manual with 10 session plans and links to corresponding Spotify playlists.  This provides numerous physical activity options for kindergartens, preschools and other early learning services.

The children’s activity sessions have been designed to reinforce a number of the learning outcomes of the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki.  However, they are also suitable for use by early childhood services in countries other than New Zealand.

The structure of the programme also enables New Zealand early learning services to use the programme to work towards achieving the Heart Foundation Healthy Heart Award if they want to.

The components of the programme can be used individually or in any combination.  It is designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the children involved.

There are options for indoor and outdoor activities.

In the video below Bernadette Smith, owner of In2hula, talks to early childhood teacher Korina Wil, about her experience of using the self-run Hoop with Heart Kit.

You can view all of the resources available with the Hoop with Heart Programme here.