Designed to be versatile so you can use it your way

The Hoop with Heart early childhood hula hoop programme has been designed with versatility in mind. 

The structure of the programme enables New Zealand early learning services to use the programme to work towards achieving the Heart Foundation Healthy Heart Award if they want to.

The children's activity sessions have been designed to reinforce a number of the learning outcomes of the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki.

The components of the programme can be used individually or in any combination. 

Early learning services in Canterbury can have an In2hula Instructor run the Hoop with Heart programme for them, and services outside of Canterbury can purchase the sessions plans and training material to use on their own.

This means early learning services can use the Hoop with Heart programme as a curriculum resource, or to fulfill requirements of the Heart Foundation Healthy Heart Award.  They can choose to only use the Children's Activity Sessions or to run whanau/community events and/or teacher training workshops as well.


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The In2Hula Hoop with Heart programme reinforces a number of the guidelines of the Ministry of Education’s early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki.

Summary of Learning Outcomes
By participating in an In2Hula Hoop with Heart physical activity session children develop:

  • a capacity to pay attention, maintain concentration, and be involved
  • an increasing sense of responsibility for protecting others from injury and from physical and emotional abuse
  • an appreciation of Te Reo as a living and relevant language
  • an ability to be creative and expressive through a variety of activities, such as pretend play, carpentry, story-telling, drama, and making music
  • the knowledge that trying things out, exploration, and curiosity are important and valued ways of learning;
  • increasing confidence and a repertoire for symbolic, pretend, or dramatic play;
  • increasing control over their bodies, including development of locomotor skills, non-locomotor skills, manipulative skills and increasing agility, co-ordination, and balance;
  • confidence with moving in space, moving to rhythm, and playing near and with others.
“We noticed the way you incorporated Te Reo into the programme which was great as we work hard on being bi-cultural, and ties into the National and Early Childhood curriculums.  What a fantastic way to get tamariki involved, we found they were very responsive and what a fun way of moving to a story-line.”
Kidsfirst Ilam Kindergarten Teaching Team
The In2Hula Hoop with Heart programme can help your centre achieve a Heart Foundation Healthy Heart Award in the following ways:

Rito, Whānau and Pā-Harakeke Level

Physical Activity Learning and Teaching

Collaborating with staff to provide a planned unit of physical activity well suited to learning story documentation and promotion to whānau.  The Hoop with Heart sessions foster a variety of the learning outcomes outlined in Te Whāriki, but a focus can be set on one or two.

Pā-Harakeke Level


The In2Hula Hoop with Heart Programme includes the option of providing hoops and a facilitator to help run a family/whānau based event promoting physical activity to whānau and/or the wider community.

Professional Development for Teachers

In2Hula facilitates Hoop with Heart early learning service teacher professional learning and development workshops in hula hoop based physical fitness activities.  These workshops can be run with a group of teachers from the same or connected centres, or as an independent training for teachers from a variety of early learning services.

Canterbury Early Learning Services

To book a FREE Hoop with Heart pre-planning session to find out how this programme can benefit the children in your care contact:

Bernadette Smith
021 2466 779

ELS Outside Canterbury

Early learning services outside of Canterbury can purchase individual Children's Activity Session Plans or the Hoop with Heart Kit which includes a PDF copy of the Hoop with Heart Programme Manual and the teachers’ training manual: HoopFitness for Early Learning Services.  

The HWH Programme Manual contains 5 different options for hula hoop based whānau/community events, and the full teaching plans and printed resources for 10 different hula hoop based activity sessions for preschool aged children.  

The HoopFitness for ELS Manual contains all the information covered in the In2Hula professional development workshop for early learning service teachers including how to perform and teach the hoop moves included in the Hoop with Heart sessions for children.

Purchase of the Hoop with Heart Kit includes 3 bonus one hour Q & A training Skype sessions with In2Hula Managing Director Bernadette Smith.  

Get the Hoop with Heart Kit
Workshops for Teachers

Professional learning and development workshops for early childhood teachers can be run on request with staff from one centre, or with teachers from multiple centres.

A PDF manual is supplied for the workshops and content includes:
General benefits of hula hooping
Hula hoop activities and the Ministry of Education’s early childhood curriculum
Warm up activities
Hoop safety
Waist hooping
Other easy hoop moves: Halo, Weave, ISO twist down, Pass Around, Coinspin
Moving with the hoop: cars, carriages, spaceship
Musical hoops
Stories with hoops
Cool down activities

To book an In2hula run Hoop with Heart PLD workshop contact:
Bernadette Smith
021 2466 779

The content taught in these workshops is also available in the form of a manual and video as part of the Hoop with Heart Kit for ELS teachers who are outside of the Canterbury area

“Very enjoyable, lots of laughs, great ideas to take back to the centre”
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