In2hula: Hoop for Fitness is working in collaboration with the Heart Foundation of New Zealand to provide a hula hoop based physical activity programme for early learning services and centres.

This programme is called Hoop with Heart: Kia Ngākau Pīrori.

The Hoop with Heart programme is designed to fit with the Heart Foundation NZ Healthy Heart Award, and the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki.

However, the programme is suitable for use in any early childhood setting around the world and is available in a digital format on this website for those outside of the Canterbury area.

Our tamariki and kaiako have gained so much from hula hooping and WOW have we had so much fun together. . . We loved the range of topics that were shared with us and the learning outcomes and skills developed were absolutely positive. I was really impressed at how the programme is successful for everyone and children were always able to participate and successfully engage with the moves. Megan Jones, Centre Director Ranigora Kindercare

The 3 Main components of the Hoop with Heart Programme

Children's Group
Activity Sessions

30 minute practical hula hoop physical activity sessions with children in collaboration with staff. 

Activities are conducted to music and develop motor skills, brain connection pathways and imaginative play.  We aim to provide a positive learning environment where the children can try new things, gain confidence and have fun being active.  

There are 10 session options to choose from including some sessions which are suitable for an indoor environment. 

Family and/or
Community Events

Family (whānau)/community events are where children can demonstrate what they have learned, and others are encouraged to participate such as a lunchtime ‘Have a Go’ session and shared healthy lunch, or a late afternoon ‘Hoop Olympics’ event. 

In2Hula can provide equipment and a facilitator for these when they are being run by Canterbury early learning services.

Training Workshops for
Early Learning Teachers

The workshops teach basic hula hoop moves and a variety of hula hoop based activities that you can do with young children.   

Workshops run by In2hula facilitators include a downloadable PDF manual. 

An instructional video is included with the manual for the online version of the programme.


Hoop with Heart (HWH) is a hula hoop based physical activity programme for preschool children consisting of activity sessions for the children, family/whanau events and professional learning and development workshops for early learning service teachers.

The activities in the programme range from dynamic sporting type movement, through to dance-like movement through to imaginative movement which gives it a wide appeal to a variety of children.  This range of physical activities means that it can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor environments, and provide an enjoyable and accessible option for physical movement indoors in poor weather.  HWH aims to provide a positive learning environment where the children can try new things, gain confidence and have fun being active.

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Each of the 10 children's activity sessions are planned around a theme.  The themes are:

    Hoop Basics






    Fairy Tales

    Super Heroes




    In2hula is recognised as a leader in the fitness industry. Bernadette Smith was nominated in the 2015 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards 'Own Choreography' section.  

    In 2016 In2Hula was recognised for the work they have been been doing throughout New Zealand and was awarded the Community Excellence Award by the Exercise Association of New Zealand.

    In 2017, In2Hula was chosen as one of the 3 finalists for the New Zealand Exercise Industry Initiative Award for the Hoop with Heart programme.

    One of the questions In2hula was asked as part of round two of the assessment for this award was: "Explain what you think makes your innovation stand out from the rest."  Here is why the Hoop with Heart Programme is uniquely innovative:

    - Its collaborative nature (In2Hula + Heart Foundation + Ministry of Education curriculum)
    - Its focus on pre-schoolers
    - Its focus on having fun being active
    - The range of activities included in the programme
    - Its inclusion of Te Reo Maori and Maori mythology and stories
    - Its aim to engage both pre-schoolers and their families in enjoyable active movement
    - The joy on the participant’s faces