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The Super Heart Hoop-Off

On Sunday 28 October 2018 in Hagley Park, Christchurch you can be part of  breaking the New Zealand record for the most people hooping together!  This is a great opportunity for team building for Christchurch early learning services!

The Super Heart Hoop-Off is being organised as a charity event to raise funding for The Heart Foundation, and to help support and raise awareness of heart health. It will also be a combined celebration of the Heart Foundation 50th Anniversary, and In2hula’s 10th Anniversary.

The main event of the afternoon will be an attempt to break the current New Zealand record for the most people hula hooping together in one place for at least two minutes consistently. The record of about 150 people is currently held by a group in Invercargill.

The Flatman Christchurch


The area in the front of the stage will be roped off for preschool children to ‘join in’ with the hula hoop record attempt if they can’t hoop. Competent young hoopers can join in front of the main group.  The area where the Hoop-off registrants are taking part in the hoop record attempt will also be roped off from the general area.

Around this event there will be side and stage entertainment. Super Hero banner back-drops will be available for the public to take their own photos in front of.  The Flat Man, Dark Side Entertainment and Melanie Poppins have confirmed that they will also be in attendance on the day, mingling with the crowd and posing for photographs.

Event sponsors will be invited to have an information tent, and stage performances will be given by various members of the hooping community.  There will also be a Hoop with Heart interactive demonstration.

People will be able to register for the hoop-off online prior to the event. Online registrants will receive a 10% discount voucher for an In2hula hoop purchase.

The event will appeal to families, children who have participated in the Hoop with Heart Programme, supporters of the Heart Foundation and members of the hooping community.

Corporate Challenge
Businesses will be invited to enter a Corporate Team in the Super Heart Hoop-Off event and every corporate team that takes part in the hoop-off will go in the draw to win a sponsored prize (e.g free shoulder massages for everyone or a morning tea shout).

In2hula is offering business’s a 30 minute Try It Workshop where participants can learn how to hula hoop.   In2hula can run this workshop with your staff group alone or staff can attend a Try It Workshop for a combined group of businesses.  The price for this workshop will vary depending on venue and group type.  If you have a team of people interested in taking part in the Hoop-Off your business can run a Hoop-Off Preparation Package of 6 thirty minute group teaching sessions for $50 (plus GST) per session – total cost $345 (including GST)

There is also a discount price for In2hula Fitness Hoops of $39 (including GST) each for 5 or more hoops – these hoops are normally $45 each.

Even hula hooping for only 5-10 minutes at a time is beneficial, and can easily be done in the workplace to counteract seated work positions.

You can even hula hoop while watching TV.

Hula hoop record attempt

Christchurch hula hooping record attempt 2012

The health benefits of hula hooping for your staff include:

  • Effective cardio workout to strengthen your heart
  • Burns 7-10 calories per minute (this can aid weight loss)
  • Strengthens and tones your abdominal and lower back muscles (many people who hula hoop regularly report significantly reduced back pain)
  • Strengthens and tones your arm and leg muscles when you engage in varied hoop moves
  • Increases flexibility, especially in your hips and lower back
  • Fosters the development of new pathways in your brain and greater connection between the left and right hemispheres


How Can Your Business Be a Part of This?
Businesses are invited to be a part of this charity event by sponsoring prizes, equipment needed or photo background banners. In return, the business’s name will be promoted to a wide audience and sponsor businesses are also invited to have an information tent/stand at the event. We anticipate that there will be news coverage of the event.

Please note that while In2hula is working with the Heart Foundation to organise this event all profits from the Hoop-Off registrations and donations taken on the day will be going to the Heart Foundation. Essentially In2hula is the chief sponsor of the event and all time involved is donated.

Corporate teams entered into the event are welcome to promote their brand via their team costume.

For more information on the Super Heart Hoop-Off, to find out how your business can be involved or to register a corporate team contact Bernadette Smith on 021 2466 779 or email her at

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