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Roll-Up for Super Circus Fun For All!

The In2hula Hoop with Heart early childhood hula hoop fitness programme recently celebrated it’s first birthday with some circus preschool activity.

Running the new Circus theme children’s activity session at Halswell Nest Early Learning Centre was a great way to start the birthday celebrations.

The children had lots of fun dancing like clowns, pretending to be lions jumping through a hoop, and learning some circus hoop tricks.

In2hula Managing Director Bernadette Smith facilitated the half hour session in ringmaster style, and treated the rapt children to a wonderful hoop performance.

The children all received a sticker at the end of the session in celebration of Hoop with Heart’s first birthday.

The hoop with Heart Circus children’s activity session contributes to the following learning outcomes from the Ministry of Education’s early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki:

  • a capacity to pay attention, maintain concentration, and be involved
  • an ability to be creative and expressive through a variety of activities, such as pretend play, carpentry, story-telling, drama, and making music
  • the knowledge that trying things out, exploration, and curiosity are important and valued ways of learning;
  • increasing confidence and a repertoire for symbolic, pretend, or dramatic play;
  • increasing control over their bodies, including development of locomotor skills, non-locomotor skills, manipulative skills and increasing agility, co-ordination, and balance;
  • confidence with moving in space, moving to rhythm, and playing near and with others.

Check out the highlights of this circus preschool activity in the video below.

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